When hit and run becomes useless!

Scooters and motorcycles in cities are often damaged by parked cars. In many cases the person responsible commits a hit and run! This is now a thing of the past, because we have the solution!

What is


Secubix is a system specifically developed for Vespas that provides video surveillance, recording the accident sequence and the license plate in the event of a parking damage with a hit-and-run.
We are currently developing Secubix to production readiness and plan to launch it in the market in the second quarter of 2025.

Device neu- Secubix - Mopedschäden - Fahrerflucht zwecklos

How Secubix works

This is how Secubix is structured

Description Device new - Secubix - Scooter damage - Hit and run futile - Collision damage - Video surveillance

Specifically designed for Vespas, Secubix features two wide-angle HD cameras with grayscale sensors, allowing high-contrast recordings of license plates during an accident, even in low-light conditions. And the best part? With our battery-powered main unit that includes an integrated SIM card, you receive the recorded data directly on your smartphone, keeping you always on the safe side.



of all damage to scooters is parking damage


of which is hit and run

What Secubix offers

Einfache Installation - Secubix - Mopedschäden - Fahrerflucht zwecklos

Easy installation

Secubix ist ein Plug-in Device, das von jedem selbst unter der Sitzbank seineVespa einfach eingebaut werden kann.
Verlässliches Beweismaterial - Secubix - Mopedschäden - Fahrerflucht zwecklos

Reliable evidence

Two wide-angle side cameras automatically record the accident sequence and number plate of the vehicle causing the accident.

Legale Videoüberwachung - Secubix - Mopedschäden - Fahrerflucht zwecklos

Legal video surveillance

Our intelligent sensor technology only stores evidence of the accident and is therefore GDPR-compliant.

Echtzeit Benachrichtigung - Secubix - Mopedschäden - Fahrerflucht zwecklos

Real-time notification

In case of damage, the user immediately receives an Text Massage with a link to the evidence video.

Be part!

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Right of first refusal

All subscribers get a right of preemption when Secubix is launched.


We raffle 10 devices to all subscribers at market launch.

To sign up, simply select the appropriate country and receive the latest information in your preferred language:

Deutsch - Secubix - Mopedschäden - Fahrerflucht zwecklos - Anfahrschaden - Videoüberwachung
Description Device - Secubix - Moped damage - Hit and run futile - Collision damage - Video surveillance
France - Secubix - Dommages cyclomoteurs - Délit de fuite inutile - Dommages par collision - Vidéosurveillance
Spain - Secubix - Daños en ciclomotor - Atropello y fuga inútiles - Daños por colisión - Videovigilancia
Italia - Secubix - Danni al ciclomotore - Omissione di soccorso inutile - Danni da collisione - Videosorveglianza
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