Our Vision

At Secubix, we want to the restore a little bit of justice. We want the people who cause damage to be accounted for. Unfortunately, when it comes to parking damage to scooters and motorbikes, this is the exception and not the rule, especially in big cities.

In fact, about 60 percent of damage to scooters is caused by parked cars, and of those who cause the damage, about 80 percent commit hit-and-run accidents. According to estimates by Vienna Insurance Group in 2016, there were 14.000 parking damages to single-lane motor vehicles in Austria alone. 

However, this figure only represents the reports of one insurance company, which means that the actual number of damages is much higher. This problem is significant and does not only affect Austria. Although there are about 40 million scooters and motorbikes on the road in the European Union (Source: Eurostat), there is currently no comparable product on the market that addresses this problem.

The team behind Secubix

Florian Gebauer - Secubix - Mopedschäden - Fahrerflucht zwecklos

Florian Gebauer

Inventor and founder

  • Passionate Vespa rider 
  • parking damage victim 
  • has been working on a solution for four years

My Vespa was damaged nine times by parked cars, six times with hit and run. The damages amounted to up to 3000 euros (repainting, replacing broken parts, labor time...). So I parked my Vespa between two massive bike racks, but one night a car slammed right between these bike racks into my Vespa - total loss.

I had enough. Surely there must be something I can do about this hit and runs. That was the birth of Secubix.

In my main job as documentary producer and director, my production company is called Feuer & Flamme Film. An important part of my job is to find the right people with the right skills for the right job. This experience is now benefiting me at Secubix as well.

Frank Jakob

Mentor of Secubix

  • Engineer with passion
  • Known for his instinct
  • Always sees the bigger picture

With many years of experience in product development and industrialization, I can help the Secubix team to develop their product to market maturity with the best partners.

The understanding of every single employee for all processes is crucial for the company's success. Departmental thinking and non-value-added activities are poison in our increasingly competitive world. 

The right tools and performance measurements are as indispensable for success as a trained and motivated team.

You can find more information about me on my webpage.

Frank Jakob - Secubix - Mopedschäden - Fahrerflucht zwecklos